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DRV-100 is a reverse vending machine that significantly reduces the volume of PET plastic drink bottles. Thanks to a newly developed compression mechanism, DRV-100 realizes both space savings and high-quality resource recovery. And, by connecting a loyalty card point server to the unit, customers can collect points as they recycle, so you can attract more customers and increase repeaters. In addition to the standard DRV-100 model, the DRV-100T offers higher storage capacity, which decreases the number times the unit needs to be emptied.
DRV-1000 Series-WP01

DRV-1000 Series

The DRV-1000 is a Reverse Vending Machine for return of non-refillable PET bottles and cans. Integrated compactors reduce the volume of non-refillable containers, saving storage space and reducing logistical costs. Modular structure provides customers with various sorting and compacting combinations to meet specific requirements.
DRV-5000 Series-WP01

DRV-5000 Series

The DRV-5000 is a Reverse Vending Machine for return of non-refillable and refillable containers and crates. DIGI's outstanding recognition technology accurately detects the type of containers and crates, and sorts them into the designated locations. Furthermore, its modular structure allows various combinations of sorting and compacting to meet specific customer requirements.


The DRV-800 is a standalone reverse vending machine for returns of non-refillable PET bottles and cans (without compacting). With its small footprint, this model is ideal for small stores (gas stations, convenience stores, etc.).